Liga Leite

Certified fitness trainer. Large experience in individual trainings. The overall champion of NAC Miss Universe 2015 in Shape category.
Has obtain TRX Suspencion Training Course Certificate, as well as BOSU 3D Extreme course certificate.
Since January 2016 regularly provides the Body Transformation programs during 3 months to help the clients to change their body shapes and share the experience and knowledge on healthy diet and correct training. Has executed a lot of body transformation programs with very good results.
Fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, excellently motivates clients to achieve their goals.

Sandis Feldmanis

Obtained higher education in the field of sport (LSPA). More than 10 years of experience in the work of the individual training. Offers high quality individual trainings for effective achievement of customer goals.

Natalia Gorshkova

Certificated trainer on aerobics and pilates. Has diploma of yoga trainer with specialization in therapeutic yoga.

Solvita Kalva

Trainer on aerobics and fitness with many years of experience in sports area. Has a master's degree in sport pedagogics, specialty in area of strength trainings.

Alexei Pshenov

Certified yoga specialist. Several years spent in India, where studied and practiced yoga in one of the Iyengar yoga schools. Has a rich experience in individual and group class training.