Kristīne Liepiņa

Kristine Liepiņa in 2012. obtained a masseuse and body care aesthetics qualification. Currently she is also studying physiotherapy. Kristīne has 7 years of experience as a beauty specialist and has been with ONLY for last 5 years offering various body massages.

Atis Sporāns

Atis Sporāns graduated from Latvian Academy of Sport Education. Currently Atis is extending his skillset in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy. Atis goal as a trainer is to help overcome any obstacles that are preventing to achieve client’s goals. “Trauma often is a great teacher and reminds us how important it is to take care of ourselves. My part is to guide my clients in a right direction to achieve health and fulfilling life.”

Armands Zivtiņš

Armands Zivtiņš has 18 years of experience in fitness. He focuses on client’s backbone strength, correct posture and overall health of body and well being. Armands works with many client’s whose work requires many hours sitting by the desk. Therefore his work doesn’t end in the gym, Armands works with his clients to improve their habits suitable for their lifestyle on a daily basis. “Find a balance between work and relaxation, because that really is the key to success.”

Margarita Akmentiņa

Margarita Akmentiņa is certified fitness trainer with 8 years of experience. She fell in love with healthy and active lifestyle and now helps her clients not only reach their fitness goals, but also increase their quality of life. In 2015. Margarita launched “Fitness Intensive” - get fit and healthy project for women, which changed over 500 women’s habits towards more healthier life. Margarita also creates programs targeted towards men specifically.

Mihails Kocans

Mihails Kocans is certified kickboxing instructor. He has has been practicing kick-boxing for 25 years and has black belt 2 DAN. Mihails is a consecutive champion not only in Latvia, but also worldwide. In 2006 he won European championship WPKA Seville in Spain and in 2009 he was titled as world’s champion in WPKA Madrid, Spain.

Gints Valdmanis
Edgars Kiršs

Certified fitness trainer, at least 10 years of experience in personal and group trainings. Obtained higher education at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education and a number of certifications in various fitness disciplines such as Body Pump, RIP, TRX, TRX Rip, NTC, Group Indoor Cycling, Bosu, Bulgarian Bag, Trigger Point Therapy and other. Offers diverse, effective and exciting personal and group trainings. Likes triathlon (swimming, running, cycling), CrossFit, skiing and roller skating. Life quote - the hardest battle is the battle against yourself!

Ina Bordasova

Sertificēta sporta trenere un deju pedagogs, horeogrāfs ar pieredzi ne tikai Latvijā, bet arī piedalījusies vairākos starptautiskajos projektos, konferencēs un meistarklasēs: Čehijā, Lietuvā, Igaunijā, Francijā, Austrijā, Itālijā un Spānijā (Kanārijsalās), kur apguva un praktizēja individuālo un grupu nodarbību vadīšanu.
Ieguvusi TRX STC un TRX GTC sertifikātu, kā arī K-Taping Pro Therapist sertifikātu.
Atbildīga un prot motivēt klientus – savu mērķu sasniegšanai.
Ina Bordasova – sertificēta fitnesa trenere un deju pedagogs, horeogrāfs.
„Ja par smaidu maksātu naudu, tad Ina būtu miljonāre.
Cilvēks ar lielām darba spējām, atbildīga un prot motivēt citus – savu mērķu sasniegšanai.”

Liga Leite

Certified fitness trainer. Large experience in individual trainings. The overall champion of NAC Miss Universe 2015 in Shape category.
Has obtain TRX Suspencion Training Course Certificate, as well as BOSU 3D Extreme course certificate.
Since January 2016 regularly provides the Body Transformation programs during 3 months to help the clients to change their body shapes and share the experience and knowledge on healthy diet and correct training. Has executed a lot of body transformation programs with very good results.
Fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, excellently motivates clients to achieve their goals.